Moon Magick Integration Journal 2023


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• 6″ x 9″
• Wire-O
• ~240 pages (value packed!)


• Dated Journaling Prompts for each Moon phase + sign
• Prompts consists of writing + art to stimulate both, your intuitive + intellectual side
• Monthly + Quarterly Integration Prompts to learn the most out of each month + season
• Blank Charts for Natal Charts
• How to work Moon Magick
• 12 Moon Magick Portals
• Astrological Archetypes Explained


The Moon Magick Integration Journal, backed by astrology and psychology,
is designed to optimize your journaling practice, accelerate your spiritual growth,
and live a more meaningful and magickal life.


The Moon Magick Integration Journal will help you:

• Reflect on your daily experiences from a cosmic/Higher Self lens
• Be more aware of subtle energies, breakthrough patterns and focus on what matters most
• Learn more about yourSelf, celebrate your accomplishments and live in sync with the Moon


Connect the Dots and Deepen your Magick, Sourceress!

“The difference to other journals is that it goes several layers deeper,
with both the questions and the explanations of the portals.
Such a transforming and beautiful tool for understanding oneself
+ the energies around us, how they can manifest in different ways.”

– Bruna



The Moon Magick Integration Journal helps you integrate your experiences easy and efficiently by focusing on each of the moon phases and prompting you with questions and art to dive deeper into feeling how each energy shows up in your life. This supports you in extracting the gold from your experiences and learn your lessons so that you don’t have to stay stuck in old cycles and evolve on your spiritual journey.


Each major moon phase (New Moon, First Quarter, Full Moon and Last Quarter) gives you the opportunity to journal what has been going on in your life. You receive prompts correlating to each moon phase and sign, to help you tune into the moon’s energy and start noticing how it shows up in your own life which helps you bring the magick into the mundane.





In order to activate your ‘right brain’, your feminine and intuitive side, you also receive creative prompts that will not only assist you in developing your artistic talent (everybody has one!) but also visualize your inner processes. By shining light onto your subconscious you will be able to deeper trust your inner voice and courageously follow your heart.




Integration is the key to powerful manifestation. Learning the language life is communicating with you, helps you understand how you truly are the co-creator of your life and able to manifest your dreams into reality. After each moon cycle you are asked five potent questions, digging deeply within to recognize patterns and appreciate your wins so that you can learn the most out of each moon cycle.




Just as the Moon Magick Manifestation Planner is prompting you to set intentions for each season, by the end of the season the Moon Magick Integration Journal is helping you identify the main impressions and takeaways for deeper understanding and higher rate of transformation. This is why both of them work hand in hand to assist you in growing your connection to source and manifesting your dream life!





Your life can be divided into 12 areas, or portals as I like to call them. By knowing which portal is being activated for you at what time, you stop banging against closed doors and walk through the portal that has opened for you. This makes your life easier, more joyful and flowing. No matter what comes your way, you are equipped with foresight, knowledge and meaning, helping you turn stumbling stones into stepping stones. I teamed up with the amazing artist Destiny Sing who created beautiful collages for each of the portal to spark your subconscious as well to unleash your full manifestation powers.




I highly recommend combining your work with the Moon Magick Manifestation Planner.

When you buy them both together, you receive a 25% discount.


What are you waiting for?

You deserve to live a life full of meaning and magick.