Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius- What is Life After Death?

Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius- What is Life After Death?

Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius- What is Life After Death?

Discover Your Peace with Life Beyond the Veil

On March 5th, 2021, the Last Quarter moon is exact at 9:30 pm EDT, at 15° Sagittarius.

Last Quarter moons are the fruits of our labor. Those fruits can be on a physical, emotional, or spiritual level. In Moon Manifesting, we plant a seed of intention on the New Moon, and when that seed begins to germinate and break through the surface to find the light, that is the time of the First Quarter Moon. We have to go from darkness to light to fully blossom on the Full Moon so that on the Last Quarter Moon we can harvest and collect the fruits and lessons we learned from the moon cycle. Thus, the cycle begins again next "moonth," with a new seed of intention!  

For example, as a collective, the seed of intention on the Aquarius New Moon was to explore what/whom you are subscribing you? On First Quarter Moon in Gemini, the collective's message was that communication is key. However, First Quarter Moons are when obstacles appear, so maybe you noticed some barriers in communication you had to break through to find the light. If you were able to overcome the challenge, your intention will blossom into beautiful flowers on the full moon with Full Moon in Virgo's message to release judgment and embrace discernment. Now after all of your hard work you are now more able to easily attract amazing opportunities that turn those flowers into fruits. The fruits of Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius help us to realize a new truth, a new vision of what is possible, an expansion as a collective- a spiritual expansion, guiding us on a spiritual journey.

The Collective is Moving Through the Dark Night of the Soul

As a human collective right now we are moving through the dark night of the soul. It is concerning that many of us have lost connection to our higher selves, lost connection to life beyond the veil, and are more connected to the physical realm compared to the spiritual realm. This is why death is such a feared conversation, and why we are trying to avoid death at all times. Death can be unsettling when we are only identifying ourselves with the physical realm- with the body, the ego, the avatar you chose. If this avatar dies, then what? If we don’t believe in anything after death, it can be the scariest thought in the world.

Now as we are in the middle of a pandemic, this thing that we call life is being flooded with the image of death. Every time we are  tuning into the news we are constantly being reminded about death and despair. In this time, I challenge you to look at death in another light. As birth has taken us into the portal of the 3D world, death is just another portal taking us out of this dimension, out of this plane. It is nothing other than a transition from one portal to the next. After death, there is life, just as it is here in this 3D world.

To expand, there are many dimensions, many multiverses. When we know that our physical body here in this 3D world is dying and we are moving through the portal of death, we are awakening into a different dimension. We are being born into a different dimension. Ideally born into a higher dimension, but not necessarily. Sometimes we are meant to experience the lower realms, which is the dark night of the soul, the shadow work, "hell" we can sometimes call it. Again, it is a feeling of discontent and separation and realizing that all life is source expressing itself through different avatars - through different multifaceted versions of itself.

When we get down into the root of it all, the zero of it all, we are all one. We are all from source.

Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius Invites Us......


... to ask the big questions. What do we believe, what is our truth, what is life after death, and what happened before birth? Why did we choose to reincarnate, why did we choose this body- this family, this time, and our birth location to be born into? Why did we choose to be living in a time that is so transforming for us, where ages are shifting from the Age of Pisces into the Age of Aquarius? Why did we choose to be alive in this very moment where there is chaos and humanity is walking through the dark night of the soul? To be alive while the collective is in the process of awakening.

The answers to these big questions can be anything you want them to be. I invite you to consider this: The reason you chose to reincarnate into this time is because you are a powerful being, you are courageous, you are strong, and you wanted to experience radical transformation. This is the time that will go down in history, the awakening of humanity, of Mother Earth moving into higher dimensions from 3D to 5D.

On that note, you are being applauded for experiencing this life, know that you are being celebrated by your ancestors and they are here along with your spirit guides to protect and support you. They are all watching over you, guiding you, and giving you all these synchronicities and little signs throughout the day, to show you that you are not alone. They are so freakin' proud of you for walking down this path, even though it can be uncertain AF sometimes. I fully believe that something deep down inside of you has chosen this life for a reason, and this Last Quarter Moon in Sagittarius helps us realize at least a beautiful fraction of that reason.


Journal Prompts for Last Quarter Moon IN SAGITTARIUS: 


What do you believe in? do you believe in a higher power or source?  


Have you noticed any Divine Guidance/SYNCHRONICITIES showing up  for you in this time?
In what ways can you find peace with life beyond the veil? 





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