This is Gemini.

Gemini is the archetype of the Messenger, Student and Jester. Your highest potential is to tell amusing stories, explore your versatile interests and find the humor in life. Diversion is the shadow for you to work with. Learning how to channel your curiousity for new information while remembering what your priorities are is how you can rise above your shadow and shine your light even brighter because of it. Your powers are to network, connect and communicate.



There are 12 archetypes that exist within all of us (on a spectrum). Your Sun, Moon and Rising sign are usually your three main Archetypes, which create your own Sacred Trinity.

Knowing your 3 archetypes and how to embody their energies support you in honoring your beautiful Self, fearlessly playing the Game of Life and manifesting your dreams in a way that only you can.

Find out how to fully embody Gemini's energies in your life:

    I'm excited for you to play full out!

    Peace and Love,

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