Full Moon In Virgo- Release Judgement and Embrace Discernment

Full Moon In Virgo- Release Judgement and Embrace Discernment

Black or White? Or both?


On February 27th, 2021, the Full Moon is exact at 3:18 am EST, at 8° Virgo. The Full Moon in Virgo is bringing us a message to release judgment and embrace discernment.

It might feel like a paradox as judgment and discernment are very close, but judgment comes from a way of black or white thinking. Taking on a dualistic point of view- good vs. evil. On the other hand, discernment is looking at something from a personal point of view. It means to tune into your heart and soul to find out if something is right for you, and if it aligns with your values. 

For example, most of us are scrolling through social media every day and we are subconsciously downloading other people's prophecies, their values, and their beliefs. As a collective we are constantly being programmed to morph into somebody else, however, this is the time to find your way back home to yourSelf. 


Stepping Out of Mercury Retrograde's Shadow 

Not only will the Full Moon in Virgo guide you home, but we are also experiencing the leftover energies of Mercury Retrograde to support us. Mercury Retrograde began January 30th, 2021 through February 21st, 2021, and now we are moving out of the shadow period of Mercury Retrograde. This is the time to integrate the lessons from Mercury Retrograde and readjust our vision for the future. Mercury Retrograde propels our connection to our Future Self, our Higher Self, and our connection to the collective - leading us to a more conscious way of living that benefits our heart's desires and the revolution of humanity. Give yourself permission to be you, it's okay to be unique and feel outside-of-the-box. Welcome to the Age of Aquarius!

Blossoming into True Health with Virgo


Virgo is a mutable Earth sign that is infinitely seeking wisdom and gathering information from the Earth's physical realm. Virgo loves to dive deep and focus on the trees in the forest -looking at all the little details to see what needs improvement. In other words, Virgo likes to integrate discernment into all people and things! However, the shadow of discernment is that it can be easily turned into a judgment if we are not bringing enough awareness to the situation.

On the topic of health, judgment may occur when you start to have thoughts that everyone should have the same "healthy" lifestyle as you do, eat the same foods, and exercise daily to be considered "healthy". As those beliefs benefit your life, they are not going to be the same for someone else's, and that's okay. During this time, Virgo asks us to release perfectionism on our health and other's health to fully blossom into the meaning of TRUE HEALTH.

Since the pandemic there has been a lot of energy surrounding the topic of health. Not to mention the rise in anxiety over health-related issues. Even when we are in a healthy state, we can be consumed in worrying about illness. Our health includes our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, and even though health is one of our greatest responsibilities it doesn't mean we will ever be perfect in it. There is no such thing as perfect health, on all levels.

Lastly, in the event that you do get sick, it doesn’t mean you need to feel bad about yourself. You didn't do anything wrong, and Virgo calls on you to release the black-or-white thinking, and move towards a deeper place from within, the rainbow vision.

The vision of health will always be different for each one of us, so practice discernment and follow what feels most aligned with your soul, and release judgment on yourself and others for how they are living their lives. Understand that each one of us is on our own journey, so let's celebrate Virgo Full Moon, as discernment can be a beautiful instrument to help us grow closer to ourselves and the people around us!



Journal Prompts for Full Moon In Virgo: 


What ARE YOU subscribing to? Are these subscriptions beneficial TO YOUR health and wellbeing? 
Where are you being called in your life to practice discernment? 
What are your feelings about your true health? Do you have judgmental or discerning thoughts? 






Peace, Power and Love,

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