Full Moon in Libra – Healing Relationships

Healing Relationships

On March 28th, 2021, the Full Moon is in 8° Libra.

Full Moons bring Fulfillment - either we feel that our intention is coming to fruition or we realize that certain things are coming to an end to create space for the new. It might also called to adjust our original intention that we set on New Moon in face of these new circumstances. 

Full Moon is a time of blossoming: of showing your True Essence.

Libra Full Moon asks us to balance our lives, to bring more harmony and peace into our body, mind, soul and spirit. Libra is a Cardinal Air sign and the archetype of the Lover, Peacemaker and Artist. Allow yourself to create Conscious Relationships with your Self, God/Goddess, your partner, friend, or family member. (Listen to our Podcast episode on Conscious Coupling here)

When you have your Moon Magick Manifestation Planner or Integration Journal, you can look up what portal this Full Moon activates for you specifically. 

With the opposition to Venus - the planet of love, this Full Moon invites us to take a closer look at our relationships and see which ones we seek to deepen and which ones we feel called to let go of. It brings us a wonderful opportunity for deep healing and therefore upleveling, which we will explore in the upcoming Moon Goddess Circle this Sunday (on Zoom).

This is what you can expect: 

- Embodiment Practice of Aries/Libra Energy to know when to stand up and when to compromise

- Light Manifestation + Shadow Integration in safe and fun 1-on-1 Partner Work.

- Inner Journey into your relationship to help you heal wounds and uplevel.

- Connection with Venus and how you can express this archetype in your life.

- And last but not least, a safe space of unconditional love in conscious sisterhood.



Join the Sisterhood:

In the Moon Goddess Club, you have the chance to sit with me and beautiful conscious sisters monthly on Zoom. We'll be manifesting and integrating together, working with the Planner and Journal, with powerful Hypnosis, Light Magick and Shadow Integration.

You're not alone on this journey.
The Power of the Feminine lies in Sacred Sisterhood.



Peace, Power and Love,

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