Coronavirus – 3 Steps to move through this time with Grace


If you are in tune with collective energies, you are most likely feeling the heavy energies of fear about the Coronavirus circulating throughout the world right now. 

As a Life beyond the Veil Coach I like to look at situations like this from a higher dimensional perspective to take charge doing the things that are in our powers while surrendering to the flow of what is out of our control.

Here are 3 steps to navigate through this time with grace:

1. Empower your Skills.

Before we can empower ourselves during this potential pandemic we need to know what we are even "fighting against". What is a virus from a metaphysical perspective?

A Virus is a being inbetween 'living' and 'nonliving' - it cannot exist on its own but needs a host in order to be able to use the cell's machinery to procreate and therefore manipulate the host's behavior. This puts the virus into the 1st dimension.

We as humans are living in the 3rd dimension. We can move around, procreate and think individually. In my astral travels I have asked to experience the 1st dimension. I started seeing all these little particles that are floating around in the air, it is filled with tiny beings - there is a whole universe surrounding us (and within us) that we can't see! We are getting in contact with bacteria and viruses every single day!

Here's an article from the New York Times that explains more about viruses on Earth:

"Scientists have surmised there is a stream of viruses circling the planet, above the planet’s weather systems but below the level of airline travel. Each day, they calculated, some 800 million viruses cascade onto every square meter of the planet. Viruses are the most abundant entities on the planet by far. (New York Times)"

Knowing that you are getting in contact with millions of viruses and bacteria every day and you are still alive shows that your immune system is powerful! Don't underestimate your powers. Most illnesses you had were ultimately healed by your own body and any medicine you might have taken just acted as a support for your powerful immune system.

While I was in the astral realm experiencing 1D I also received the message that we as 3D living beings are able to manipulate 1D. We are able to influence the first dimensional beings, just as they are able to influence us. Our immune system is working every day to protect viruses to enter our physical body, as well as our spiritual, mental and emotional body. There are viruses on all levels that we can attract - not just the physical level! A spiritual virus might be a lack of meaning in one's life, a mental virus might be negative self-talk, an emotional virus could lead to depression.

Empowering our skills also comes with taking charge of our own health. Waiting for the government to take care of us creates co-dependency and actually takes power away from us, especially when the government or president don't lead the way we might want them to. Instead of focusing on what is going wrong, let's focus on taking precautions for ourselves,  our loved ones and our community. We might not be in control of the situation, but we are in control of our reaction to it. 


2. Love your Vessel.

In order to truly protect ourselves from things that we do not desire from the outside, we need to create healthy boundaries for ourselves. Loving our vessel means to take care of all our bodies - on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual level.


Boosting the Immune system. e.g. Vitamin C (especially intravenous which is currently being studied and holds promises to even cure), Vitamin A + D. Exercise. Rest. Eating healthy foods. Soaking in sunlight. Taking deep breaths. Taking precautions (avoiding big crowds, making sure you wash your hands, etc.) (Extra: There is a homeoprophylaxis vaccine for the Coronavirus - 100% safe)


Just like a computer protects itself from a virus through a firewall, so can we! Visualize a wall of fire surrounding your body, your loved ones, your home, your community, Mother Earth. This Firewall only lets in pure beneficial beings and detects and blocks beings that take advantage of you (like coronavirus). You can also imagine a light bubble, in white, green or pink or whatever color you feel comfortable with (I like to visualize a sparkling pink bubble around my daughter). You can also call in God, Source, angels, ascended masters, or whatever resonates with you to help support you in this spiritual protection, as well as praying for the souls who are infected by the virus and their families. The deeper you believe in it, the more powerful and effective this visualization will be.


We know that we are co-creators of our collective reality. Our thoughts and emotions are influencing the way we perceive our world and what we manifest and attract into our lives. Be aware of what information you consume on a daily basis. Media profits on sensationalism. When you notice yourself fall into fear based thinking, remember that fear can bring down your immune system and actually weakens your boundaries of what you allow to come in, so we don't want to dwell in fear for a long time because that's counterproductive.

However, we also don't want to just ignore everything and blindly focus on the positive (see this episode on our podcast about the dangers of spiritual bypassing!)

Listen to the fear just as if it is a little kid telling you the possible worst case scenario, feel into that potential timeline, let the fear know that no matter what -we will find a way and we will be ok, that we are supported beyond the veil.

Then turn the scenario around with your thoughts and emotions into the timeline that you do want to manifest. Similar to lucid dreaming, when you find yourself in a nightmare, and then use your thoughts and emotions to change the scenario and co-create a new dream. Start focusing on the timeline that you do wish to see for yourself and the collective. Meditate on love, peace, and health. Feeling gratitude and appreciation for your life. Letting people know that you care for them and love them. We are in this together. 

3. Navigate your Mission.

In order to navigate through these intense transforming times with grace it is also helpful to look at it from a higher perspective and see the bigger picture. While we do not know exactly where this is heading and what the effects ultimately will be, we are able to look at the current universal time and notice certain energies and archetypes being activated for us. 

Pluto is in Capricorn until 2024 which brings about transformation, change and a rebirth in regards to governments and old structures around the world that are no longer serving us on our path towards evolution. Especially for the United States we will notice a big change throughout these years since we are about to enter our Pluto Return (exact in 2022)- meaning that Pluto will be in the same degree and sign when the United States was founded on July 4th, 1776.

With Pluto being in the 2nd house of the United States this brings about a deep transformation of the government, banking system, stock market, financial institutions, trade, exchange and the way we treat our environment throughout these next years. The old foundations on which they were built upon are slowly being released. The shadows of the systems are being revealed and truths are coming out that have been hidden for a long time. The good thing about this release is, it creates space for a new system and structure to come into its place. The phoenix will rise again. 

While Mars, Saturn and Pluto are currently transiting the second house of the United States bringing about an economic shift, Jupiter - the planet of expansion and blessings - is also transiting! Meaning while we may feel contractions in this rebirthing process, there will also be times of hope and optimism, blessings that will help us move through these times with grace. Jupiter is the planet of truth and spirituality - this time of deep transformation and intensity that is moving around the planet is helping us to connect deeper with our truth and beliefs and the meaning of life.

Why do we believe are we here? Why have we incarnated into this human body? What happens after we cross over? All these questions are fundamental to strengthen our belief, remember our life's mission and ultimately upgrade our consciousness into higher dimensions, like 5D, where we experience unconditional love and see the connection between all of us Earthlings. 

More than ever before it is now important for us to focus on ascension and upgrading our consciousness, unleashing our manifestation powers to co-create the future timeline that is beneficial for all of us and attract peace and love into our lives. 

Before I knew any of this was happening I actually created a webinar on exactly that topic. I feel like it is aligned with universal time. If you are interested in joining the free online masterclass to support you in unleashing your full manifestation powers, attract peace and love into your life and upgrading your consciousness, sign up here.

I hope this article helps in looking at Coronavirus and our current situation from a deeper perspective and supports you in taking charge to do the things that are in your powers while surrendering to the flow.

May we use this time to learn more about ourselves and our structures, while coming together as people.

Peace and Love,

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