Jude Viola Sacred Sister Podcast

3.13 Haircuts as Radical Transformation: So Much More Than Hair with Jude Viola

Jude Viola Sacred Sister Podcast
Haircuts as Radical Transformations

Todays guest, Judith Viola, is a hairstylist in SoCal. Jude loves hair and people, she’s here to help you feel special. Jude believes a new hairdo is an opportunity to become a new you, even if you don't know who that is yet.

She specializes in haircutting, and dabble with simple color projects. She loves wearable, fashion-forward looks that are low maintenance and high impact. Jude Viola takes her time and inspires you to appreciate yours.

Today, you’ll hear Jude discuss:

Radical personal transformation that can be ushered in through the eyes of the haircutter AND the clients in the chair

Embracing Dark Night Of The Soul moments where your world comes crashing down + Seeing them thru the lens of Divine Opportunity moreso than pitfall/failures

Checking in with the Self in moments of unsureness and how to even do that

Choosing a vocation that has you dripping in passionate devotion

The energetic expressions that shine through wearers of both short and long hair

Knowing when it’s time to call in a new hairdresser

.... and so much more.


Connect with Jude Here:

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IG: @judeviola


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