Abbie Ren Sacred Sister Podcast

3.12 Big Magic in Small Details with Abbie Ren

Abbie Ren Sacred Sister Podcast
Artisan Entrepreneur  Abbie Ren

Abbie Ren has built a thriving brand and business that makes 'cute kind things for cute kind people', creating prints, posters, cards, pins, notebooks, and more original designs.  Abbie is all about: creating artwork that is encouraging, self-love and self-care, being 100% true to yourself, taking risks, and following your dreams. She's about working hard to pursue your passions (+ also all about taking lots of vacations and going to happy hour). Abbie's home is in the desert of Las Vegas, Nevada where she opened her first brick and mortar earlier this year in Downtown Las Vegas, called Local Oasis on the SW corner of Charleston and 3rd st.

Today, you’ll hear Abbie discuss:

- LIVING BIG: showing up to deep pieces of inspirations that want to be birthed within you and the fear that’s faced as you do it

- a creative project I’M birthing, in the form of a BOOK, that Abbie is adding the energy of her sweet, cute flair to

- overcoming Self-doubt - moving past pedestal thinking

- the positive effects of the life, death, rebirth cycle

- the imperative role we, as consumers, play for creative small business owners (LIKE ABBIE!) as we shop the holiday season + how to ‘vote with your dollar’

- building a creative business in your 20s + beyond!


Connect with Abbie Here:

Abbie's Website 

IG: @abbierenillustration


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