3.11 Playing the Game: Mindset + Manifestation

How can you play the Game of Life to succeed?

Wow, what a powerful episode - you don't want to miss this one if you're ready to uplevel your manifestation game!


Courtney Seard is a Master Coach and Mindset Trainor. She has a crystal clear ability to discuss her methodology for top performance, which she uses to coach and inspire top performing business leaders and entrepreneurs. Courtney A. Seard is passionate about developing company culture, engaging teams, coaching leaders, and transforming people-related systems. Courtney has gained global experience and broad leadership expertise working with teams and leaders to take ownership, clarify and enhance their team experience, and create a clear path forward while delivering measurable results.


Today, you’ll hear Courtney discuss:

the approach she now brings to working with and helping to transform the mindsets of top performing business leaders, teams and entrepreneurs.

blending spirituality with science and business

hidden meanings in words

taking responsibility and owning your story and emotions to blossom the leader within

the facade of a two-party system


normalizing ‘channeling’

cultural appropriation, light and shadow to be aware of



Connect with Courtney here:


IG: @courtneyseard



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