3.10 Follow the Yoni: Practice Pleasure with Rosie Rees

Yoni  Pleasure Palace Founder Rosie Rees

Does sex and pleasure exist in the same conversation? Does it have to? What are the benefits of integrating that sort of coexistence? Well today, Hanna and I are incredibly pleased to bring you this episode where we open deep dialogue on Normalizing the JUICE! and experiencing pleasure as practice that helps you return home to the deepest parts of you with Rosie Rees.

Today, you’ll hear Rosie discuss:

There is an uprising rippling through the collective that, to me, feels like a hot, white, lightning bolt around sex and sexuality.

Powerful leaders in their communities are opening new conversation about liberating their sexuality, bringing greater pleasure to their sexual experiences. 


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IG: @rosie.rees 



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